What interesting experience when traveling to Ba Vi national park!

Ba Vi national park is well-known as the forest that embraces the three highest peaks of the Ba Vi range: the King Peak, the Tan Vien peak and the peak of Ngoc Hoa. The national park not only keeps many legends from the founding of the land and the founding of the nation but also is a beautiful world with interesting animal and plant systems. It takes about 50km from…

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planning a trip to Ba Vi national park

Ba Vi national park is well-known as the forest that embraces the three highest peaks of the Ba Vi range: the King Peak, the Tan Vien peak and the peak of Ngoc Hoa. The national park not only keeps many legends from the founding of the land and the founding of the nation but also is a beautiful world with interesting animal and plant systems.

It takes about 50km from Hanoi capital to Son Tay town, go along the direction of Suoi Hai lake for another 16km, then look at the left hand side it is easy to see the white gray of three peaks blurred in the clouds with cool fresh air and the scent of the mountains and forests, we know that we have started going into the great place.

It take about more 60km from Hanoi

Given the fact that, the scenery on both sides of the road is very fantastic, people try to walk slowly on the road to the National Park even though everyone is eager for explore. One side is many tall ancient trees covered by the moss silky at the foot of the tree, one side is empty to see clearly the blue sky, or even block of white crystal cloud of around the mountains far away. On the peaks of the mountain, the bright purple colors of giant crape-myrtle blooming look like purple clouds emerging in the dew.

From the entrance to the National Park, there are two directions, if you want to see the strange flowers and birds, turn to the bamboo forest. If you want to go to the top of the mountain, go deep into it, follow a slightly sloping and sinuous road. On this road, travelers who go higher and higher can feel a fantasy space of clouds, wind, birds singing in the forest…

The bamboo and cacti forest at the top is endemic forests with hundreds of species of grass and birds, exotic rare animals. The most unique are butterflies such as white dragon tail butterflies, papilio helenus butterflies, sword tail butterfly… From there, it is supposed to keep moving another 3km to the pine forest where it s great place to rest and have lunch. Through a beautiful street with high slopes and some bends, visitors can turn to a pristine forest named after the orchid. This place has ruins including churches, villas and resorts, orphanage, both the prison, the administrative mansion … that the French built nearly a hundred years ago. Here, the blue moss on the fallen walls with the beauty of ruin among the ancient trees is worth to visit.

You can take a bus from Hanoi centre

The foot of Ba Vi range is far from the gate about 14km to a height of nearly 1,000m above sea level. Due to hundreds of ancient trees, it is also cool here. The King Peak is the highest peak, up to 779 new stone steps to the top – where there is Uncle Ho’s temple. The second highest is Tan Vien peak up to 225 step to the top with a supreme temple, which is said to be the place of the holy Tan Son Tinh. The lower Ngoc Hoa peak is associated with the immortals legends and Ngoc Hoa Princess – the 18th King Hung Vuong king’s daughter. Despite a hard journey to three peaks, everyone feels free and peaceful when arriving at the top, when people and clouds come into each other, listening to the scent of forest leaves wafting in the wind.

Time flies fast in the afternoon in the forest, it’s nearly 5 hours but the sky has let out the fuzzy purple mist, trees as seen through the fragile chiffon with the smog and wild beauty. After enjoying the bamboo rice and forest chicken, everyone buys some forest honey, pollen, bamboo shoots or pure milk cake as a gift of the mountain to bring to the city.

From the center of Hanoi to the West about 65km, looking towards the left hand in the thin white clouds, three peaks blur appear – that is Ba Vi, and the shimmering and fanciful space of the National Park is opened up in front of the eyes.

The poetic view of Ba Vi National Park

The road to the Ba Vi National Park is very poetic, on the one side are ancient trees covered with ancient moss, on one side is an open space with blue sky and clouds dancing around the gray mountain peaks in the far distance. When it comes to the Ba Vi National Park, tourists will be overwhelmed by high mountain, cliff slope and a vast green color in front of the eyes. The road is winding,  an aisle between the two sides is a vast forest of trees that lasts forever.

The air is somewhat fresh and cool in the summer morning, which refreshes feeling for every one who comes here. Following the path from the entrance gate, the large pine and cedrus tree forest and pine forest is shown up. Everyone has their own feeling when standing and looking at the mist falling into the dim lake.

In the days when it is sunny and less cloudy, the sun is shining from the west, standing on the top of Ba Vi mountain, the whole of the beloved Hanoi capital could be seen clearly, and highlight blocks of high buildings in the city center.

Ba Vi National Park is covered by full of black like in the change of seasons at night shift. Instead of the sound of birds in the early dawn, there are the sound of insects in the night, or suddenly the howling of gibbon and the noise of the animals finding foods at night in the wild nature.

Nothing is more interesting than having party in the pine forest with friends

Mr. Do Huu The, Director of the Ba Vi Center for Ecotourism Service and Environmental Education, said that Ba Vi is considered as “the green lung of the Capital” in which there is a rich and diverse flora, recorded 812 higher species belonging to 99 families, 472 genera. Among them, some species are described in this area for the first time. Besides, in Ba Vi National Park, there are 503 medicinal plants and 45 precious animal species.

Tourists must climb up nearly 800 stone steps to the top of the King peak, which is 1,269 meters high (above sea level); there is a temple for Uncle Ho in the east of the top of the peak. Tan Vien peak is at the opposite side to the west, 1,226 meters high, climbing 225 steps with a supreme temple, which is said to be the place of the holy Tan – Son Tinh, one of the “four immortals” in Vietnamese spirituality.

Next is the peak of Ngoc Hoa princess (Legend of the 18th King Hung’s daughter), 1,120 meters high. Over 500 meters there is a fog covering the top of the mountain, which is a mountainous terrain thanks to climate changes in Ba Vi according to height changes. Although it is difficult and hard, but when putting feet on the top of the mountain, when there is a feeling like people and clouds blend into one, when it feels like being very close to the god,  when listening to different mysteries, in the fantasy of heaven land and forest … everyone suddenly feel peaceful inside…

The french-colonialists-left-in-ba-vi

The ruins area of ​​the church, the resort villas, orphanage and the prison of the French colonialists left nearly a hundred years ago with ancient moss is situated on a location that tourists need to follow the hereafter instructions to get here by going down the mountain, at a height of about 800 meters (right above sea level), then turning right, passing through a bend slope”. When it comes to here, people can perceive the wild beauty of the thousands years ago here.

Down to 600 meters high, is an Anti French Resistance War relic area, which marked the historical battle of the Ba Vi Regiment on December 31st, 1951, severing the Da river line room of France, giving our troops victory over the Hoa Binh Campaign in 1952.

If you are finding out an ideal place for the holiday in outside of Hanoi, Ba Vi national park is absolutely great choice from Hanoi capital. In addition, you are also make a difference for you normal route. Crossing over Duong lam ancient village sounds great on the back way to Hanoi. I wish there is a lot of experience help you to have a better weekend holiday in Vietnam.

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9 thoughts on “What interesting experience when traveling to Ba Vi national park!

  1. Hi. Planning on hiring a car and driver in October and as my knees will probably not make it up to the hill temples so I will be limited to viewing the park and the French ruins. Am wondering if there are any other features near the park or between the park and Hanoi that we can add to make it a full day out. A write up “How to spend 2 days in BVNP” mentioned a lake but didn’t give a name or location…?

    1. The Ba Vi national park will be a great experience for you, which I just did last month. Don’t worry about any attractions that you may miss out. Because everything is well described on the map, placed in order with big street signs showing you the way. I made it from the top to the bottom, where I stopped in the pine forest for a picnic lunch (self-prepared). But besides all the famous attractions, I would recommend the Long Viet park (on the beginning up to Ba Vi is another side-way on the left leading to this park). It is quite new and considered as a Vietnam in small scale with artifacts, houses and facilities from the far past of Vietnam. For me it was very interesting. Wishing you a nice trip.

  2. Thank you. Will pay particular attention to visit Thien Son Suoi Nga and Long Viet. Have read that Thien Son Suoi Nga is divided into three areas, each about two kilometers apart: Ha Son,Trung Son & Ngoan Son. If we hire a car and driver from Hanoi does anyone know if it is it easy to find and visit all three in one day and is there anywhere we can have lunch or should we bring our own.

  3. Ba Vi isn’t far from Duong Lam Ancient Village. If you’re not up to a lot of trekking, that’s a really nice place to spend a few hours.

  4. Ok Thanks will check that out. Not planning on trekking in the park just a drive to view, so Ba Vi, Thien Son Suoi Nga, Long Viat and Duong Lam sounds like a good day out especially if we can also find a place for lunch.

  5. The wife’s side of the family is from the outskirt of Sơn Tây town, near both the Natl’Park and the ancient village of Đường Lâm. We were not able to eat out (they wouldn’t let us), but I know there are plenty of eateries in town. There are some on the road between Ba Vì and the town as well. You could do the Park first and then head to Sơn Tây for a late lunch. Or if you see a crowded establishment along the way, you can always stop by. (Or one that is big and well-maintained. Their food should be at least edible. If you’re not hungry early, wait until you get into town. After lunch, you can explore the town and the Sơn Tây old fort before heading to Đường Lâm. If you still have time, you can also visit the Natl’ Village for Ethnic Culture in Đồng Mô on the way back.

  6. I did visit Ba Vi when I was in Hanoi a few years ago, climbed up to the top, surrounding by foggy and cloud, and just 1 hour drive from Hanoi center, worth to go. But if you cannot climb up, check out Duong Lam as above advice. If you overnight there, choose a resort nearby and escape the city heat with cool weather.

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