Farmers’ shadow on the fields’ bank likely make up for natural picture beauty.

Vietnam highlands in the pouring seasons

Arriving June, the refreshing summer rains water into the northwestern mountains of Vietnam (as Sa Pa, Ha Giang, Yen Bai…), farmers start a new crop. Water-pouring season not only brings immense fields among the highlands, which are represented for prosperous days but also create exotic beauty to Yen Bai terraces. Visitors can contemplate the endless green color of young rice and brown color of muddy water. Khau Pha Valley is…

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Let's try riding on the mountain road to go to Tien beach.

Traveling to NhaTrang to watch as real as dream Tien beach

Be far nearly 10 km from Nha Trang City center, there is a place called Tien beach. This new destination now attracts many tourists coming to ride bicycle, hike and contemplate sea in every late afternoon. To reach Tien beach, you drive on new road connecting Tran Phu – Pham Van Dong Street from Nha Trang city center (Khanh Hoa). It is called new road because it has no name,…

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Game of hatching dragon eggs

Ethnic sport activities, folk games in Moc Chau Cultural Day

Along with cultural – art activities, to encourage the spirit of fitness – sport for everyone and maintain the traditional games for entertaining which are bold colorful ethnic of people – ethnic in Moc Chau, the holding board of Cultural Day also organizes sport activities and traditional games.

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The women of long neck minority have to wear many golden collars

Myanmar – the most attractive tourism destination in 2014

Myanmar is a NEW DESTINATION of S.E.A. It is a country of peculiar things with traditional cultures and habits. Myanmar is one of the best traveling places.

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Vietnam traveling

In The Memories Of Western Tourists About Vietnam

“Came back to the USA, I dream of the world I used to live, where I can buy a cup of fresh fruit at $1 just by passing the road”, said Jacqueline Kehoe on Matador Network.

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People of the Northwest of Vietnam

Northwest Vietnam Discovering – The Innocent Smiles

The Northwest Vietnam has been attractive to a number of tourists for the imposing beauty of nature and also the innocence of the mountainous children.

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Sapa Trekking – The Memorable Experience

Lao Chai – Ta van is the place of residence of many ethnic groups which is about 7 km from the center of Sapa town. Go along Cau May bridge from Sapa town and then turn to Muong Hoa street, you are arriving to Lao Chai. Just left the crowded street to start a Sapa trekking to get experiences about a different life of truly remote villages.

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Son Doong Cave – One of the “another planet’s beauty”

Together with Firefly Cave in New Zealand, Bromo Volcano in Indonesia, Son Doong Cave in Vietnam is listed by the US newspaper CN Traveller as a destination with the strange appearance like another planet.

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Dambri waterfall – the old sad love story

Serving as one of the 5 best waterfalls in Lam Dong province, which is about 18 km from Bao Loc city (Lam Dong) to the Northeast and passing a winding road with coffee and tea plantations alongside, the white Dambri Waterfall looks like a silk crossing the reef, between the grass and flowers of the mountain. The name of Dambri starts from a legendary love story of a K’ho couple.…

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H’mong weaving – The art in each centimeter

Coming to Sapa, tourists particularly enjoy handicraft using flax yarn to weave into colorful fabric of H’mong ethnic minority. And H’mong weaving is still playing the important part in the local people’s daily life. All stages including connecting flax to be fabric for weaving, dying colors, then embroidering skillful patterns makes up the costume are made by hand of H’mong people.

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