The house on stilts - a traditional house of ethnic people.

How us conquer the route of Si Ma Cai

Route: Bac Ha – Can Cau – Si Ma Cai – Mào Sao Chai (Sin Cheng) – Phin Chu I – Phin Chu II (Nan Sin) – Su Pa Phin (Quan Than San) – Ta Van Chu (Bac Ha). This is can be a beguiling experience for Vietnam Adventure Tours. It will be the first route for the one who love trekking, climbing and primary natures of mountains and hill-tribes.…

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Co To

Co To Island – Exploring The Wilderness

The paradise of white sand and blue sea is not only in Central and South Vietnam. Co To Island (Quang Ninh) also hide charm to tourists with pristine beaches, white sand and blue water.

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Moc Chau Plateau

Amazing Journeys To Moc Chau Plateau

If you have missed the season of cabbage flower or plum flower…why don’t you discover Moc Chau through a different attractive route leading to this destination? Certainly that would be great feeling with secluded and fascinating footpaths in this beautiful Plateau.

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Fansipan Mountain Conquering Experience

With us, when climbing Fansipan Mountain, besides good health, endurance, the most important thing is our willing to overcome challenges to achieve what we wanted.

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Backpacking Vietnam – The Northwest’s curves

Backpacking Vietnam is not only attractive to the local young but also to the foreigners. Especially, the wonderful roads of the Northwest are always fascinating and challenging to whom are into discovering and experiencing. Our group of 10 in which some have known each other for a long time but some have met for the first time, have the same passion of backpacking the imposing Northwest of Vietnam. The road we chose…

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Pu Luong nature reserve area – the place with love

After one year, we return to the place where is known as “the land of warmth”, Pu Luong nature reserve area – the name has become familiar in the memories of many “backpacker” with images of peace villages, fields and notorious “off-road” route after the rain.

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One day in Hoi An – Where should we go?

This had not been the first time I travel alone, but that feeling is truly different. Because this was the first time I slept on coach both outward and return way for 4 days. I and my friend departed very early – 7:30 a.m, every day, Hanh cafe has only a trip from Nha Trang to Hoi An. After a long night, I set my foot for the first time…

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Hanoi winter – Places to go in the winter of Hanoi Capital

In Hanoi, Vietnam, the winter is not too cold as Europe or Americas. With chilly weather and warm hearted people, Hanoi winter seems to attract many friends all over the world than ever before. Far East Tour shares with you some experiences as the Hanoian in this particular period. Hanoi Cathedral is one of the works from French colonial period with more than 120 years old. At Christmas’ night, the…

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Discover the breathtaking Hai Van Pass on motorbike

Comfortable feeling that you can scream among a vast space and endless water, endless sky cloud is really hard to forget. Let’s ride motorbike crossing over 30km curve of Hai Van Pass! My elegant pleasure is slightly backpack on a bit craggy mountain roads… And especially I spend a lot of love for the Central land from Hue to Hoi An. Every year, my family have at least one trip…

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