Top 10 Vietnam crazy experiences for tourists

Here is a list of ten crazy experiences in Vietnam, ranging from trying snake alcohol to visiting a tribe in Sapa hill. It is noted that some of these activities can annoy those who are sensitive.

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Vietnamese is famous for several stunning food, geological wonders, colonial architecture and untouched temples; however, it offers a great deal of distinctive experience that nowhere else has. Although Vietnam had to be under a period of modernization and colonialism, many areas still maintains the origin relatively. Vietnamese people try very hard to protect several beliefs and traditions. Here is a list of Vietnam top experiences that is crazy, ranging from trying snake alcohol to visiting a tribe in Sapa hill. It is noted that some of these activities can annoy those who are sensitive.

  1. Enjoying snake alcohol

It is the strangest Vietnamese drink made from rice alcohol and usually noxious snakes. The most popular site to find this kind of drink is in Le Mat Snack Village located in Hanoi although it is available in many shops and markets. People often enjoy it with eight-course meal of snake. You have to pay from $27 to $50 for this activities based on your snake option.

Let's try a small cup of snake alcohol in Vietnam.
Let’s try a small cup of snake alcohol in Vietnam.

2. Exploring secret tunnels of Vietcong – Vietnam Top Experiences:

Exploring Cu Chi Tunnels can be considered as the most exciting journey in our country. However, we do not introduce this trip to those who are suffered from claustrophobia. It consists of more than 120-kilometer-long subterranean system of tunnels situated 70 kilometers far away from Ho Chi Minh City from northwest. It is a historical spot that equipped with command center, armory, trapdoor, hospital, storage facilities, living site and kitchen. We are going to feel the atmosphere like in warfare time during 1960s and 1970s although we just go inside a short part.

Challenge yourself into the thin tunnels of Cu Chi.

3. Traveling on 6-lane traffic in Ho Chi Minh City on foot:

It is clear that Vietnamese traffic is disordered like in Saigon. Now and then, like riders can run their vehicle on small alleys, pedestrian streets and sidewalks in order to travel faster. It is undeniable that this phenomenon brings about danger, so that you should stay calm if you stroll on this onrushing 6-lane traffic. The most ideal way is going with a group of native people and praying on your stable speed.

Joining in the crazy traffic in Saigon is one of top Vietnam experiences crazily.
Join in the crazy traffic in Saigon.

4. Experience boarding on Sand at Mui Ne Sand dunes:

This spot is well-known for its amazing activities like biking quad, flying kite and boarding on sand as well as its charming scenes. In Mui Ne, there are many tour agencies that can help you to set up the schedule of a journey in 1 day in these dunes which has white and red sand like in Shahara desert. In addition, you can rent plastic shreds at reasonable price. Read more to know others of top things do do in Mui Ne.

Do motor gliding in White Sand Dunes, Mui Ne.

5. Moving around Hoi An Old Town by cycle – Vietnam Top Experiences.

This town is very suitable for walkers with many spots to explore such as timber shops, ancient canals, traditional market, Chinese temples, houses of French colonists and Japanese-designed bridge. It is quite easy to travel on foot. However, a more relaxing and funnier way to explore the town that is in the list of UNESCO is taking a cyclo. The drivers are friendly to share with you some information about the town. Besides, some of them are able to speak French or English.

Take a bicycle to explore Hoi an Town.
Hoi An Old Town is very suitable for cyclo excursions.

6. Bargaining for goods at native markets:

It is fascinating to join the trip to native markets to enjoy crowded space, brilliant kiosks of household appliance, fresh food and apparel and relish Vietnamese cuisine. It will provide you a strange scene of displaying fish and butchered fresh pork or an old woman holding a big hand-roll cigar on her hand. In case that you want to purchase, you should bargain with the sellers to lower the price that you have to pay.

Bargaining in Vietnam local market is very beguiling.
Let’s together explore Vietnam local market and do som bargain.

7. Enjoy beer in Hanoi at Bia Hoi intersection with only 0.5$.

The journey to the capital city of Vietnam only leaves you the most unforgettable memory when you travel to Bia Hoi intersection in the evening. It is situated in the Old Quarter’s heart, where people enjoy the nightlife by sitting on the chair and relishing indigenous beers. The price is affordable: just 0.5$ for a glass. In case that you are hungry, it is easy to find several vendors selling exotic snack, beef jerky and steamed peanut. Here is detail information of beer street Hanoi – Ta Hien.

“Bia hoi” in Ta Hien street is the cheapest beer of the World.

8. Trying swimming in the nature pools of Elephant Stream:

It is a group of nature stream located around 50 kilometers far from Hue southward. This spot is the place that visitors take part in many activities, for example picnicking, hiking and swimming. Provided that you would like to enjoy the private space, you are suggested to call on in weekday. However, you have to prepare the food and drink because indigenous sellers near this stream do not come these days. In food stands, there are many drinks and snacks. It is easy to rent cabins and life jackets at reasonable price.

Elephant stream in Hue.

8. Dropping on Phong Nha – Ke Bang to visit Heaven Cave:

Located in the central part of Vietnam, this park consists of more than 3 hundreds of limestone grottoes and caves at the age of more than 4 hundred million years. Although Son Doong which is biggest cave in the world is often attracted more tourists than Heaven Cave, we fall for this cave because of its distinctive limestone stalagmites and stalactites shapes. This spot can be an ideal area for hiking through grassy rain-forest, biking on the mountain and admiring bird.

Discover Paradise Cave - one of the largest caves in Quang Binh.
Paradise Cave in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park.

9. Accommodating with tribe family in Sapa hill – Vietnam Top Experiences:

To enjoy the indigenous life of native people, we highly recommend you to stay at their house in traditional villages. Sapa which is situated 400 kilometers far from the capital is a famous spot for those who long for experience the charming scenes just a couple of days. In several tribes like Red Dzao, Hmong and Giay, people are friendly to put you up. You will have a chance to relish regional authentic food, try doing farm work and putting on native costume.

Enjoy Muong Hoa Valley - one of Vietnam top experiences.
Muong Hoa valley with the typical beauty of Sapa hill-tribe.
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9 thoughts on “Top 10 Vietnam crazy experiences for tourists

  1. Recently got back from a trip to thailand (Chiang Mai/Chiang rai & phuket/phi phi and just wondering how Vietnam compares overall. I’m assuming far less touristy for starters, the main issue I had in Thailand was that in the north there was a lot to do in the day (temples/hiking/waterfalls etc) but fairly quiet nightlife, and vice versa in the south. I’m heading off for 2 weeks in March most likely 4 days ho chi Minh,3 days hoi an, 7 days hanoi/ halong bay or something similar. Wouldnt like to explore an area for more than a day or so.. so would most likely do excursions. I’m also assuming there will be more ‘travellers’compared to holiday makers. Would like to hear any experience from people who have visitors both (I assume a majority of people) Thanks

    1. I must say I am surprised about your view of the nightlife in the north. While Chiang Rai is quiet, I thought it i brilliant in Chiang Mai. I had some very good nights out there. Actually, the night life in most parts of Vietnam will be much more quiet, as often bars will close around midnight (they extended it in Hanoi though). THe big exception is HCMC, as the nightlife can be very very good. Though, in Vietnam the little places selling cheap beer are still more seen in Vietnam (and it is something I like). Personally, one thing I prefer in Vietnam are the people. Don’t get me wrong, I met some lovely Thais during my visits there, but I find the Vietnamese more welcoming (and yes, in both countries you find plenty of scammers). I find them more curious as well. Vietnam has a lot of great scenery and activities like trekking, kayaking etc to offer. Though beaches and diving is certainly better in Thailand. Overall it is a personal preference I guess, but I absolute fell in love with Vietnam, and while I enjoyed my stay in Thailand, I would choose Vietnam every time, even though I will have to deal with less exciting dive sites…. Oh, and March is a great month to visit both countries. In Vietnam the weather should be nice in the north, central and southern part of Vietnam.

      1. I’m with Azadar Mokher….the people are what makes it, for me, in Vietnam! I found the Thai’s quite indifferent (& often downright rude)…although they call it “the land of smiles”, I found that the smiles only appeared when your wallet came out… Vietnamese are friendly (even if you arent buying anything) & inquisitive…(Scotsman called it curious, but I call it downright nosy…Lmao)…they love to try & chat with you, even if they dont speak English…they are masters of sign language…lol. Absolutely delightful people!

  2. Start by googling the weather records for areas you want to visit by month. The weather can vary greatly from one end of Vietnam to the other.

  3. Hi, I did look at this when booking, it seems both ends will be ok weather wise first and second week of March? First week would be South second north.

  4. It really has little in common with Thailand, but it is quite touristy in the popular areas. I agree with the others – Vietnam is super friendly most of the time.

  5. I haven’t been in Vietnam long enough and don’t speak the language yet ,but what becomes obvious right away is that the Vietnamese are genuinely welcoming and friendly. Vietnam is also the cheapest country in the region. Thailand is still cheap but has lost its bargain status. Furthermore, Thailand just ascended from number 2 in the world to number1 in the most dangerous roads ranking:Every day 60 people die in traffic accidents. That said, there’s no comparison in terms of nightlife, Thailand has much more to offer than Vietnam.

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