The Imperial City of Hue

Why You should Visit the Imperial City Hue?

During the time I was wondering which places should I visit when travel to Vietnam, Hue was the one that always crossed my mind. Hue was Vietnam’s imperial capital city from the 18th century until 1945. In my opinion, the city looked absolutely attractive, however, because of tight schedule, I didn’t know if I was able to actually see the place. The given idea from my friends who had come…

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You can find out the interesting difference between dishes of Saigon and Hanoi

Highly recommend dishes of Saigon to enjoy on your holiday to Vietnam

Throughout my trip to Vietnam, I decided to stop over in Ho Chi Minh City which is a sleepless city of the S-shaped country. Its name is based on the name of the greatest father-figure of Vietnamese: Ho Chi Minh. You guys will be impressed by the friendliness of local people and its effervescent of atmosphere. They are the reasons that make you spend an extra days for longer exploration.…

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We had a memorable trip to Ha Giang on the bike

Trip to Ha Giang with the bike – an excellent experience

We have a trip to Ha Giang 3 days 4 nights on the bike. The best time of the year to achieve this loop and even Vietnam is September and November, when the weather is less, the colors are bright. It can be very cold during the winter months. Although all roads are now in good condition, progress on the road is slow due to countless turns and mountain passes.…

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My Son Sanctuary is one of the most attractive sites in Central Vietnam

Immerse yourself in the most attractive sites in Central Vietnam

Central Vietnam dost not offer only the most beautiful beaches but appeal to tourists by the interesting things including historical sites. I have had the unforgettable days in this land, follow me to know more about three well-known sites: My Son Sanctuary, Non Nuoc Mountain and Tra Que Vegetable Village. I heard that My Son Sanctuary is so small in comparison to Angkor in Cambodia, but I still paid a…

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Rabbit island – Cheap destination to escape from bustle city in Cambodia

Rabbit island which is also known as Koh Tunsay is a little island in Kep City, Cambodia. The city of Kep is just around 30 km from the border gate in Ha Tien, Vietnam, so the travel from Vietnam to this attraction is quite easy at cheap cost. From Saigon, you can buy ticket for bed seat bus or normal seat bus to Ha Tien provided by many transport brands…

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Duong Dong town is known as the most populated in Phu Quoc island

Getting a trip around Duong Dong town – Phu Quoc island

If you think that there are not any interesting things to spend some days tour in Duong Dong town, you are wrong. This town will give you more than you expect. Phu Quoc which is also known as the Pearl Island is the largest island among the complex of 22 islands in this area. It also serves as the largest island in Vietnam with the total length of 49 km.…

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Saigon is the best in my eye

What do you like the most about Saigon, Vietnam?

Currently, in a meeting with a Canadian friend I knew on Couchsurfing in Saigon, he asked me that what was my most favorable thing in Vietnam. I said that this should be my question for him. He replied that he fascinated about the flora and nature in Canada, and how about me with Vietnam. It took me some time to think and answer that I was interested in the landscapes…

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The peaceful corner of Hanoi Old Quarter

The priceless experiences in 36 Streets in Hanoi Old Quarter 

The capital of Hanoi has many symbolizing names which people shall all think of whenever mentioning about this city, including the thousands of years Hanoi, Thang Long – Hanoi, Hanoi in autumn or 36 streets Hanoi Old Quarter. The writer Thach Lam is the author of the work called “Hanoi ba sau pho phuong” published in 1943 which depicts Hanoi Old Quarter with 36 streets. However, “36 pho phuong” is…

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