Imagine being taste a hot tea beside the Quy Nhon beach

Quy Nhon is the nostalgia in my heart

Once putting step on Quy Nhon – a coastal city, I believe that you will be back home with your heart tormented by a deep longing as I was. Quy Nhon is my mother’s homeland. In my memories, Quy Nhon is a little coastal city on side of the East Sea which is always a peaceful and gentle land with mild waves, blue sea and salted fragrance of the sea…

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Vietnam peninsula – that arrived, do not want to leave

Vietnam Tourism always contains many surprises if you take the time to explore. With various types of terrain like hills, mountains, rivers, sea … not to mention the unique peninsula topography that nature bestowed to Vietnam. Let’s together with Far East Tour explore the most beautiful Vietnam peninsula that accidentally arrived, do not want to go back your home. 1. Son Tra peninsula Located far from the center of Danang city…

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