My Tho is the first destination welcoming tourists to the Mekong River Delta

Tourist Attractions and Special Food in My Tho – Tien Giang

Mentioning to My Tho (Tien Giang), most people think about a rural area with big rivers, green fields and trees with many fruits. Being the gate to the Southwestern Vietnam, My Tho is the first destination welcoming tourists to the Mekong River Delta. For tourists planning to visiting this site for the first time, this blog post is definitely and useful guide for them to fully discover the land, as…

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A chance for sightseeing different aspects of your view in Mekong Delta

This area has been popular during the years and Mekong Delta is one of the most famous area in Vietnam. Mekong Delta is an amazing place, plus other factors already made this a paradise in this tropical country. This article will inform you about some interest aspects that would make you love Mekong Delta Vietnam. 1. People You can be in love with the hospitality, friendliness, honesty of locals. Visitor…

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You can find out the interesting difference between dishes of Saigon and Hanoi

Highly recommend dishes of Saigon to enjoy on your holiday to Vietnam

Throughout my trip to Vietnam, I decided to stop over in Ho Chi Minh City which is a sleepless city of the S-shaped country. Its name is based on the name of the greatest father-figure of Vietnamese: Ho Chi Minh. You guys will be impressed by the friendliness of local people and its effervescent of atmosphere. They are the reasons that make you spend an extra days for longer exploration.…

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Duong Dong town is known as the most populated in Phu Quoc island

Getting a trip around Duong Dong town – Phu Quoc island

If you think that there are not any interesting things to spend some days tour in Duong Dong town, you are wrong. This town will give you more than you expect. Phu Quoc which is also known as the Pearl Island is the largest island among the complex of 22 islands in this area. It also serves as the largest island in Vietnam with the total length of 49 km.…

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Hanoi Old Quarter in the list Vietnam where to go suggested by local.

Vietnam where to go ? The most amazing list for you

Up to now, I have got the chances to put my steps on 47 provinces in Vietnam, in which, the first place is my hometown where I was born and grow up. Some of them are the working and living places in certain periods of time; some are the visiting destinations but just a small part of them. To answer Vietnam where to go, let’s check the following list. It…

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