Farmers’ shadow on the fields’ bank likely make up for natural picture beauty.

Vietnam highlands in the pouring seasons

Arriving June, the refreshing summer rains water into the northwestern mountains of Vietnam (as Sa Pa, Ha Giang, Yen Bai…), farmers start a new crop. Water-pouring season not only brings immense fields among the highlands, which are represented for prosperous days but also create exotic beauty to Yen Bai terraces. Visitors can contemplate the endless green color of young rice and brown color of muddy water. Khau Pha Valley is…

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Backpacking Vietnam – The Northwest’s curves

Backpacking Vietnam is not only attractive to the local young but also to the foreigners. Especially, the wonderful roads of the Northwest are always fascinating and challenging to whom are into discovering and experiencing. Our group of 10 in which some have known each other for a long time but some have met for the first time, have the same passion of backpacking the imposing Northwest of Vietnam. The road we chose…

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Where to go in Hagiang – Best Hagiang sightseeings?

Ha Giang with the majestic beauty of the highest land of our nation, makes a lot of backpackers desire to conquer. Ha Giang sightseeing is originally well-known for its vast pink buckwheat flower covering stone plateau. But only people who have come there just know – Ha Giang looks beautiful in every seasons, worth for you to explore at any time. 1. Dong Van Stone Plateau – the mysterious gray color of…

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