Three coffee shops for photo hunters in Saigon

It is often said that, Saigon is bustle and hustle, but you can still be able to find some quiet and peaceful corners somewhere. The following are 3 coffee shops which not only possess the nice views but are also suitable for people who are into the camera.

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Coffee Hao

Having opened for more than 3 years, this shop is in the style of a Northern coffee shop with 2 floors where furniture and decorations make it ancient. You will be hearing some very familiar ordering sentences in Hanoi like “a black with ice” or “brown with ice”.


All the tables and chairs in the shop are short and made from wood, creating the close and friendly atmosphere. The walls are decorated with black and white photos of the daily life moments. The shop is facing Nguyen Cong Tru Street (district 1) – the street which is always crowded. The special thing is that, visitors coming to this coffee are mainly film camera players – a picky art to players.

The drink here are just simple but carefully prepared. Specially, coffee is milled directly at shop, so you can be enjoying the true favor of it. Price of coffee is from 20.000 VND/cup (less than $1/cup).

Coffee Photo


Located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street (district 1), this is the stop for anyone who are really into photography. Visitors here are various but most of them are at middle age. Coming to this shop, you can take photos; exchange and sharing your ideas with others about camera, about photograph experience or technique.

The simple space in Coffee Photo gives tourists the pleasure and friendly feeling.
In addition, this coffee also serves lunch. That’s why it is always crowded at lunch time. Not only foods but drinks are all prepared carefully, pleasing a number of visitors. cost for 1 drink is from 30.000 VND (more than $1).

Fix Republic


Situated inside an apartment on Ngo Thoi Nhiem street. This small coffee is one of the favorite destinations of photography enthusiasts, especially the young. Many of them come to this place to discuss with each other about photos or the technique of taking photo.

This is not a large shop but an impressive one to many people thanks to the clever arrangement of its owner. Furniture and decoration make the atmosphere airy, wind and dusty but also modern. Passing the small staircase, we meet with the coffee mixing desk with some art paintings. The balcony in second floor is an ideal place for people who want to have a private space to relax, watch flowers, trees and the street below.
Many old cameras are collected by the shop owner as the decorations to make the shop more artistic. Some improvisational songs of different themes shall bring you various feelings. You can also ask to replay your favorite songs.

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