Myanmar – the most attractive tourism destination in 2014

Myanmar is a NEW DESTINATION of S.E.A. It is a country of peculiar things with traditional cultures and habits. Myanmar is one of the best traveling places.

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The women of long neck minority have to wear many golden collars

Travel & Leisure (USA) – a prestige magazine has voted Myanmar is the most attractive tourism destination in 2014.

Myanmar – A pagoda country

That land is not only captivating by romantic scenery but also idyllic beauty, simple character of indigenous people. Although life is difficult, they are always happy and hospitable.

Travelling to Myanmar, visitors not only take an excursion on rivers, temples but also learn about history, culture and cuisine of a typical classic “Asian”. This is also a chance for you to immerse yourself in miracle water of Buddhist dogmas, find out the purity and balance in soul of each person.

Visit the compelling destinations of Myanmar on an ox-cart.
Visit the compelling destinations of Myanmar on an ox-cart.

“Now is right time for you to take a trip to ancient and pure Myanmar among movements of social development” – Nathan Lump, editor of the world’s leading travel magazine of US – US Travel & Leisure said.


Although power is transferred to new capital – Naypyidaw, Yangon is still the largest city of Myanmar. Without skyscraper, bustling shopping mall, Yangon is ancient with countless of pagodas, lakes, parks … and several bars, cafes, houses with architecture in colonial style such as City Hall.

When coming to Yangon in Myanmar, you should visit famous pagoda Shwedagon located in the most sacred area of a peaceful hill. At Shwedagon Pagoda, everyone feel as being lost in heaven, with 1,000 different sizes of Buddha statues owning kind and stunningly beautiful faces.

Shwedagon pagoda – the Buddhist heart of Myanmar
Shwedagon pagoda – the Buddhist heart of Myanmar

Next to that pagoda is a golden tower attached a lot of precious stones on its top, this is where Buddhist priests’ remains are kept.



Located in the west pole of Myanmar, Rakhine state owns many wonderful landscapes which are still retained traces of Indian mythology. You should visit Sittwe at one time, metropolis of Rakhine state, located on a island where Kaladan, My and Lemyo rivers flow into Bengal bay.

Nothing is better than sitting on a boat among vast water, sightseeing the picturesque riverine houses. Looming afar is the bell-shaped pagodas hidden behind thin mist.

It takes about 5 hours by sailing, visitors will arrive Mrauk-U which was capital of two flourishing kingdoms from 15-18 century.

Mrauk-U is vaporous in the morning dew
Mrauk-U is vaporous in the morning dew.
Shwedagon pagoda – the Buddhist heart of Myanmar
Shwedagon pagoda – the Buddhist heart of Myanmar

Nearby Chin village is also an interesting destination for visitors. The locals here have traditional habit of tattooing spider net on face. Now it is less than before.


Being one of the famous Buddhist locations in Myanmar, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (Da Vang or Nui Vang pagoda) attracted a lot of pilgrims, monks and nuns from everywhere to come.

The golden stone is a strange classic reference. It is giant and situated on edge of Kyaiktiyo Mountain with protruding posture as nearly rolling down. Legend said that, there are invisible hairs of Buddha defending so it is hard to move the stone.

The brilliant Kyaiktiyo Pagoda is built by gold, located on top of mountain. In the early morning, late afternoon and at dust, the pagoda is always shimmering, fanciful in incense, wallow in loud prayer.

The golden stone and Kyaikhtiyo pagoda – a famous place for Buddhist pilgrimage in Myanmar
The golden stone and Kyaikhtiyo pagoda – a famous place for Buddhist pilgrimage in Myanmar.


Coming to romantic Mandalay city, visitors have a chance to experience great moments when floating on river from Mandalay to majestic, beautiful Bagan bay. Let feel few breezes blowing lightly from Bengal bay.

You here should reward a hearty meal for yourself on boat among 1500 banana treeslit inside by candles, reflect to water surface … which creates the romantic scenes.

Mandalay – the culture center of Myanmar
Mandalay – the culture center of Myanmar.

In addition, Ubein wooden bridge is also a popular destination in this romantic city. Ubein Bridge was built in the 19th century with a length of 1.2 km, is one of the 10 greatest locations to watch sunset.

Ubein wooden bridge at dust
Ubein wooden bridge at dust.


It was the former capital of Burma thousands of years ago, Bagan is peaceful with yellow sunshine covering 4,000 pagodas and towers. That is a wonderful place for tourists to release soul into nature or ride bike leisurely on quiet streets quiet in the lightly sunny afternoons. You should make a journey by balloon to admire entire view of Bagan from high position, it looks brilliant in first sunbeams of day.

Traveling by balloon in Bangan
Traveling by balloon in Bangan.


You can finish the journey of discovery Myanmar at Inle lake- freshwater lake connecting with Nyangshwe area by a canal which is large, clear, always crowded with boats. The houses on river banks are close to each other.

The lake is surrounded by majestic green mountains, small fishing villages, monasteries, stilt houses or famous floating tomato gardens of Myanmar.

Arriving Inle Lake, tourists are especially excited with traditional fishing scene of the fisherman. Particularly, fishes are sweet, cooked very well which attract a lot of tourists.

One leg for fishing and rowing on Inle Lake.
One leg for fishing and rowing on Inle Lake.


The floating gardens in Inle lake
The floating gardens in Inle lake.
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