Hearing the voice of Lieng Nung waterfall in the middle of the jungle

During the break in the office, like every other lazy afternoon, after lunchtime, I find a place to lie down, surf the newsfeed a little, then take a nap to get the work to continue the sluggish work. Then suddenly I caught a photo of a blogger who is a taste of traveling I followed. In the picture, there is Lieng Nung Waterfall with the stream falling from the high cliff.…

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Lieng Nung waterfall in rainy season

During the break in the office, like every other lazy afternoon, after lunchtime, I find a place to lie down, surf the newsfeed a little, then take a nap to get the work to continue the sluggish work. Then suddenly I caught a photo of a blogger who is a taste of traveling I followed. In the picture, there is Lieng Nung Waterfall with the stream falling from the high cliff. A small rainbow appears because of the water and the sunlight. The scene in the photo is really impressive, and notably, the check-in of the photo is within a distance of 200 kilometers from Saigon that is really reasonable for a weekend outing. I forget the nap and go online to find information for the trip to Dak Nong.

The impressive waterfall hiding deep in the jungle

The trip was extremely hasty. I carried the pre-prepared backpack, as soon as finished working, went straight to the bus station to take the bus to Gia Nghia town. The trip was quite comfortable. I got a good sleep and when I woke up, the bus had already arrived in Gia Nghia, and unfortunately, it was raining heavily. That’s not to be wondered at the summer rains here, in the middle of the rainy season, Gia Nghia weather is like a girl who is sour and scornful, irregular and unequal temper.

In the morning, the sky still showed no signs of stopping the rain, the rains continued to make the mood become more and more gloomy. I ordered the 3rd cup of coffee, sipping coffee all the time, and finally, I decided to wear a raincoat, regardless of whether I could come to waterfall, rather than waiting that made my soul lack of enthusiasm.

Lieng Nung Waterfall is located in Dak Nia commune, Gia Nghia town, Dak Nong, at a distance of about 10 kilometers from the center. That’s all the information I can find before this trip. Fortunately, there is a place on the Google Map, so it is not difficult to move, except it is scattering.

There was not a gate to the resort, as well as any information board on the road, except for the entrance of Lieng Nung Waterfall that is situated in a small branch on the 28 highway. I rode through many sloping streets and hills which are large and luxuriant until stops in a completely-desolate-car-park, except for the “parking here” sign. There was a little worry in my heart, I locked my car and prepared to go down to the waterfall.

Raining has also tapered off. I know it won’t take long, so I bring a raincoat for myself. The road to the waterfall is recommended by a small roadside board that is not allowed to ride the motorbike because the road is narrow, very steep and slippery, especially in this rainy season. From a distance, I heard the sound of water was rushing, expanded my footsteps, breathed in an extremely clear and fresh atmosphere, I walked in an excited mood.

Out of the first slope, I saw the top of the waterfall in the distance hiding behind the verdant forest. From afar, I saw the column of smoke that was rising, carrying the cool air, made me urged my feet to walk faster.

Walking along the path to Lieng Nung Waterfall

It takes about 1 kilometer down the slope, the path is not too difficult, because the concrete road is poured to the waterfall. Along the way through the fields, the dense thickets on both sides of the road, along with the Dak Nia stream which is fast flowed, passing through the falling bamboo due to heavy rain, the soil and rocks rolling down from the hill.

Then Lieng Nung Waterfall gradually appeared, I virtually amazed and my mouth gaped when I saw the scene. From a height of 30 meters, the white water flowed down vigorously, carried the air full of cool water, reeked to the face and rushed into the mouth and even the ear, blown up my mind. Because it was in the middle of the rainy season and hit against a few days of rain in Gia Nghia, the water flow was stronger than ever, filling the majestic sound into the forest.

The strong water flow falling from the cliff

Lieng Nung Waterfall has a very special structure, the cliff is 30 meters high that is located on a large cave, protrude to the water flows that pour down the Dak Nia stream below. The cave’s ceiling is the hexagonal stone blocks arranged adjacent to each other like a giant honeycomb. In the cave, the vivid and eye-catching vegetation, however, it is very difficult to access these days because of slippery rocks.

Amazing landscape of rock formation and trees around the waterfall

Closer to the foot of the waterfall, where the strong water flow is falling, I still feel the magic of nature but I can’t even see because the droplets blur the glasses. There was a moment, I thought that when going through the waterfall, it was another world like Neverland?

Then the rain suddenly came, but I didn’t even realize what was the rainwater, the globules from the cascade that were in my skin, I just knew that at this period, the interval of time, only the proud sound of the water echoes throughout the mind.

There are a few short trips leaving much emotion. It is the motivation for the long working days, stories to tell on coffee time with friends at weekend and the source of endless life for young people who have full of daydream and ambition. A visit to Lieng Nung Waterfall is the same. Suddenly, my mind came up with an intention to go out, then I had an impulsive act that defied rain and wind to reach the waterfall. Nevertheless, this trip filled with so many experiences in my heart, watered the soul afterward.

Some notes for people who want to visit waterfall:

  • There are many sleeper coaches in Saigon – Gia Nghia route with the price ranges around 120,000 VND or more. The journey takes you about 5 hours, so you should choose the appropriate time to avoid wandering in the early morning in Gia Nghia.
  • In Gia Nghia in particular, Dak Nong in general, not many tourist sites, you can combine eating, enjoying coffee on the street, or go to Ta Dung lake (about 45 kilometers along the road to Lieng Nung waterfall), or Dak G’Lun waterfall – Dak R’Lap district (about 60 kilometers to the west).
  • There is no specific exploitation yet, so if you leave the motorbike on the parking lot, you need to lock the steering.
  • The water will be clear and fewer in the dry season, in return, you can immerse in the cool water. The water is quite turbid and swift flowing in the rainy season, therefore be careful because of the slippery road.
  • If going in the rainy season, you should prepare shoes (or sandals) with good grip, bring umbrella or raincoat, and prepare medicine to avoid insect bites.
  • Because tourism is not exploited in there, so the waterfall is still very pristine and please remember not to take anything but photos, do not leave anything but footprints.


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