Backpacker corner: How to explore Vung Tau ?

In addition to familiar places, on the backpack route to Vung Tau, I myself discover some new tourist destinations. I feel that Vung Tau is truly beautiful as a painting among the immense sea.

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Some beautiful – new -strange places that have collected:

Ho May Tourist Area

Coming to Ho May, the amazing beauty of lake is looming among the green pine trees. It brings chilly air as in Da Lat for this area. Striding under the green cool trees’ shade, I feel peaceful and quite scenery on high mountains.

Let's visit Ho May when you have chance to explore Vung Tau.
Ho May (lake of cloud) – a must-come destination inVung Tau.

Besides, the journey to conquer Ho May tourism area will be even more special if you choose the way along small road on the edge of the slippery rocks to contemplate the waterfall flowing from the lake and to explore the cave beneath 30 meter-height of Maitreya statue as well as 18 Arhat statues.
The statue of Maitreya and 18 Arhats in Ho May

Statue of Christ

The statue of King Christ is a statue with outstretched hands, which is placed on top of Nho (Small) Mountain, in Vung Tau city. From the foot to the top of the mountain, I had to step up nearly 1000 stairs. Along two sides of the road, the natural landscape is extremely romantic with verdant trees and far away sparkling, blue sea water face. In order to view the entire of Vung Tau city, I tried to climb statue’s arms by getting over 133 stairs. From here, the coastal city seems so small before the vast, boundless sea and bendy roads.

Loc An Beach

Loc An beach (Loc An commune, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau) includes a lot of beautiful beaches with pure blue water embracing white sand beach and looming themselves inside the rows of casuarina welcoming wind. It is often likened to “Sleeping fairy” because of its wild and unexploited beauty.

Enjoy Loc An beach with your family.
Loc An Beach – a private place, untouched beach of Vung Tau.

Loc An has a small sandy island jutting out the sea, which is like a nice islet, from here, you can see the vast sky at sunrise or sunset. This is an ideal place to camp with friends.

Long Hai (Đất Đỏ)

Long Hai has a rarely wild beauty with clean beach, clear water and stretching coarse sand beaches, which creates an indefinable sensation of peace. In addition, the beach runs along the foot of Minh Dam Mountain with lots of diverse shape rocks making more emphasized on this place’s natural beauty.

Especially, Long Hai also has a coastal path with blooming cherry trees in the spring. This will be a fascinating destination that backpackers should visit.

Binh Chau cliff (Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau)

In spite of locating near Binh Chau hot spring area, Binh Chau cliff is seemed quite strange to those who come here at the first time. On the way from Ba Ria to Binh Chau, I found out an unique cliff with grandiose and poetic beauty. Those rocky blocks are extremely outstanding among the clear blue waters, endless white sand beach.

Let's retreat your body with Binh Chau Cliff.
Binh Chau cliff in the area of Ho Coc, Vung Tau

The strong waves breaking against the rocks gives me feeling of a pristine sea area but containing endless beauty.

Suoi O Beach

When backpacking on the roads in Xuyen Moc, I was lucky not to miss a sea area hidden behind a vast green pine trees, with clear blue water which is undisturbed by human, bearing the name Suoi O. Suoi O Beach especially has two blue water flows in parallel connecting between river and sea. This place is so primitive that only far away basket or boat make us know that there are people living here..

At Xuyen Moc district, in addition to Binh Chau hot spring, Binh Chau-Phuoc Buu primeval forests which were very popular and above destinations, this place still possesses a variety of beautiful and strange beaches, attracts a lot of backpackers such as Tram lake, Coc lake, or Hoa Binh waterfall. Almost of them are quite unfamiliar to many people, but they all have a common beauty – the original and peaceful beauty. It is an ideal destination for backpackers who love discovering nature.

Addresses for enjoying meal in Vung Tau

When arriving Vung Tau, the backpackers can’t ignore the specialties attached to a coastal tourist destination. Vung Tau is famous for its variety of fresh seafood in attractive seafood restaurants as Oc Nam Tang, Oc Noc, Ganh Hao, or enjoying Khot cake at Goc Vu Sua restaurant.

This is grilled octopus
Come to Vung Tau, don’t forget to taste sea-food as specific of your trip

Specialties of Vung Tau

On the way to Vung Tau, I had an opportunity to try Long Huong soup cake (Ba Ria), or An Nhat fine rice vermicelli (Long Dien). Particularly in Xuyen Moc district, although there are many new destinations that tourists love coming, there are few peddlers. Thus, I had to prepare food purchased from the Binh Chau market.

Addresses for backpackers to take a rest

Vung Tau is a well-known destination, so there are numerous hotels placed here with varied quality, service, also price. Therefore, you should consider hotels with suitable price to book in advance.

I had chosen an affordable hotel located in Bai Sau on Thuy Van Street to be convenient for swimming and walking on the beach at night. Should do you want to save more money, you can choose the service of guest house located in a deep alleys. If you want to save even more, you can choose the service of the guest house is located in the deep alleys, far from the leisure center and swimming area.

If you stop and visit Ba Ria, you can overnight at resort areas in Ba Ria follow the form of camping, or in the resorts in Xuyen Moc district with hotels near Binh Chau hot spring, Loc An, Ho Tram, Long Hai resort.

I wish you a successful and meaningful backpacking travel.

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