Halong Bay, Vietnam – the floating village and pearl farm

A trip to Co To Island, Quang Ninh province Beautiful tourist attractions in Quang Ninh Special food in Halong Bay I received numerous inquiries on the different exercises and outings you can do on a socially outlandish trek. Some portion of the magnificence of making a trip to novel goals is that one gets such a great amount of more extravagant in information by observing, learning and understanding an alternate…

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Welcome a fresh dawn in Halong Bay

I received numerous inquiries on the different exercises and outings you can do on a socially outlandish trek. Some portion of the magnificence of making a trip to novel goals is that one gets such a great amount of more extravagant in information by observing, learning and understanding an alternate lifestyle from their own. In this highlighted post, I will share an insider encounter visiting the drifting towns of Northern Vietnam – Halong Bay.

Let's stay one night in Halong Cruise

Visiting the gliding town I had the chance to meet local people, visit a little school and see what it resembles to live every day life ideal over the most delightful emerald waters on the planet. Since I spent my before years after school composing a youngsters’ book and showing youthful children here in the United States, I was eager to give more than 200+ duplicates of my kids’ book to the nearby kids. Imparting my book to these kids was an awesome route for nearby instructors to show english and engage youthful understudies with brilliant outlines.

Beside the coasting towns, we likewise wandered off to see the development of pearls at an adjacent pearl cultivate. One of the most extravagant wellsprings of business from this piece of the world is the gathering of pearls.

The best picture of sunset in Halong Bay

Here you will see the pearl reaping and planning process that goes into making that glossy pearl accessory you want to wear. Skirt through the photos underneath and locate a full recap with insider tips on arranging your next social experience in Vietnam. I trust you appreciate this inside take a gander at the skimming towns and pearl cultivate!

1. The floating village in Halong Bay

Drifting towns are among the most eminent attractions of Halong Bay. There are a few towns in the World Heritage Site: Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vung Vieng and Cong Dam. Among them, Vung Vieng and Cong Dam towns have a place with Bai Tu Long Bay in a less touristy territory. This is the place these photos above have been taken. To get to the drifting town, we were fortunate to have everything composed by the Indochina Junk Company we chose to remain with on our voyage. The voyage organization has solid associations with the nearby individuals and gives rowboats that oar out to these disconnected towns where local people warmly welcome pariahs to share looks into their exceptional world.

A small corner of Vung Vieng fishing village

Each angling town has around 30 – 50 families with a populace of around 200 – 600 individuals. As a large portion of the stone islands in the region are too poor to ever be developed, every day life in the town can be hard and poor. Sustenance and water are foreign from the territory and the essential wellspring of salary is from angling and tourism exercises. The inhabitants integrate the skimming homes to secure against tropical storms or tempests. Kids in the towns normally figure out how to swim before they can even walk, helping their folks at an early age manage the skimming town they call home.

The town is a genuine water world, rising and falling with the tides, protected in the midst of great limestone towers. The skimming town is home to numerous ages, the same number of the inhabitants never leave, however develop old in this one of a kind existence where they are naturally introduced to. See underneath for photos on the close-by pearl gathering site and nitty gritty travel tips.

2. Pearls in the making 

From the drifting towns, we advanced over to another piece of the Bay to discover a pearl cultivate where pearls are developed. The pearl cultivate where individuals are permitted to visit is claimed by Halong Pearl Join Stock Company, who created pearl craftsmanship from a customary ocean item to an important thing. The pearl cultivate is situated in a disconnected water territory named Tung Sau, encompassed by undulating limestone islands.

Tung Sau pearl farm village in Halong Bay

Visiting the pearl cultivate, we could observer the perplexing procedure required to make an important pearl from the initial step of developing and gathering a pearl from these extremely waters shot above. Pearls are the main gemstones on the planet to have been separated from living creatures. While a few shellfish kick the bucket after pearl extraction, there are mussels which stay alive even after the expulsion of pearls. The gathering of pearls has been around for more than 4000 years – would you be able to trust that?

Adapting more about pearls and the thorough procedure in collecting them from a clam, to sitting tight years for the pearl to really develop, lastly, to the recovery and cleaning of a solitary pearl stone for definite creation, a woman will genuinely figure out how to value her pearls. What an interesting realizing background. Visitors at the pearl cultivate have the choice to buy single pearls or full gems pieces nearby. I can’t think about a superior gift for your woman self than a pearl from these breathtaking waters. Life is short, purchase the pearl, young lady.

3. Tips for activities in Halong Bay 

How would you arrange these detailed water exercises? On board a 2 or 3 night journey choice with Indochina Junk, all activities, including this exceptional excursion to the drifting towns can be consummately gotten ready for you and your gathering. The Indochina Junk includes a staggering notoriety inside the neighborhood network and sets up modified visits inside these private towns. All things considered, I exceedingly prescribe utilizing the Indochina Junk Company to design your Halong Bay experience.

Indochina Junk will brings you the memorable experiences

At the point when is the best time to visit? I get this inquiry regularly and it’s an extreme one to answer since it totally relies upon your inclination. On the off chance that you need to be in a two-piece preparing in the sweltering southeast Asian sun, at that point certainly visit in the pre-summer/summer months (April – August). The prime seasons to go, when temperatures are perfect would be the fall or late-winter.

Be that as it may on the off chance that you resemble me and plan to go amid the winter months (January – March), I found the cooler temps and incidental rain to be to some degree otherworldly of the district and impeccably wonderful. Simply make sure to bring a sweatshirt and wear a poncho if the rain goes through. I for one incline toward the winter months since it is less touristy, so you may even have the chance to be the main visitor investigating the town as I did.

What does a woman wear? Primary concern, be agreeable. You will be in kayaks, rowboats, and little spaces when visiting these gliding towns. There are limited docks and little space to move around before falling in the water. I exceedingly suggest pressing tennis shoes, yoga jeans or exercise pants (that you approve of getting wet), and a shirt/sweatshirt relying upon the season you intend to visit. The Indochina Junk gives its visitors customary Vietnamese caps to wear for security from the components, so no cap is essential.

Most tourists interested in kayaking

How would you arrive? Not as entangled as you may think. Fly into the universal air terminal of Hanoi, Vietnam (in the northern piece of the nation) and from that point, it is around a 3.5 hour drive out to the docks along these lovely straight waters. All garbage vessel visit organizations give complimentary van transportation from Hanoi to where the water crafts dock and leave.

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24 thoughts on “Halong Bay, Vietnam – the floating village and pearl farm

  1. We are a group of 5 people and are planning to visit Vietnam from 6-15 October. Which bay should we visit? Halong or BTL or Cat Ba/ Lan Ha Bay? We wanted to relax ourselves , enjoy the nature and also participate in various water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving,etc. Also, can anyone please suggest a cruise which provides good vegetarian food?

    1. If you do like nice view and highlights, take Halong Bay. If you would like to be way from tourist trail, take a cruise in bai Tu Long Bay but the bay itself is getting busy now

  2. I have been to Halong / BTL or Lan Ha bay… Hardly stay where is the best as they have their own charm..Halong bay is more classic and very crowded and some rock formations are unique such as: Fighting roosters island, Thien cung cave, Dau Go, Sung sot cave….. BLT = quite with little island and less touristy. However, fishing village is not that great, or Thien hai son cave is very small and not special. lan Ha bay from Hai Phong city. taking more than 01hour boat ride in the ocean before you can get closer look the island….. walking to very small cave in Cat Ba … relaxing is fine for this route. no scuba diving or activities in this area as water is not deep and clear enough

  3. Halong Bay center has most of the highlights of the area; however, due to over exploitation, there are hundreds and hundreds of boats sailing the area, causing serious pollution to the bay. Nowadays, many tourists are seeking for more of off-the-beaten-track cruises in Bai Tu Long. I strongly recommend going to Bai Tu Long Bay because the area is less visited to you won’t have to worry of seeing other boats from a distance while enjoying the view. It’s a pristine atmostphere that we all crave for. There are several famous cruises like Dragon Legend, Bhaya Legend, etc. you can check out their beautiful, culturally inspired decor. Snorkling and scuba diving have been banned by Management Board of Quang Ninh Province, now most of activities are kayaking, swimming, caving and visiting fishing village. Dragon Legend of Indochina Junk sounds like best option for you, they cater for all food requirements (vegetarian, vegan, intolerance,…)

  4. Bai Tu Long Bay for sure!! Although Halong Bay is more popular with bigger caves and unique shapes of limestone islets, Bai Tu Long is less crowded, extremely helpful when you go on the high season (from October to April). It doesn’t mean that Bai Tu Long Bay is not beautiful as Halong Bay. Moreover, there are plenty of cruise itineraries that run in Bai Tu Long with the variety of accommodation standard from 3 stars to 5 stars. It’s easier for you to choose. Hope this can help!

  5. Bai Tu Long Bay is very quite & Green but not much new boat with private balcony & bathtub. Ha Long Bay is multi of options of cruises with morden style, traditional one but it’s busy & not very green. Lan Ha Bay is still nature, green, quite. Almost cruises run around this area are new with private balcony & nice bathub. So I will decide Lan Ha Bay if we have to choose.

  6. Halong bay and Bai Tu Long now are very very busy, there are so many boats here so make your way to Catba island to enjoy the peaceful Lan Ha bay

  7. If you would like to have the peace of mind and stay away from touristic Halong, it’s much more better to start your trip in Catba island. Most cruises here include the visit to both Lan Ha and Halong bays as well

  8. To have the peace of mind and stay away from the very crowded area, Lan Ha bay and Catba island are the best choice for now. All the best

  9. That would depend on what you plan/want to do, and also the time of your travel. Cat Ba is better off avoided during major holidays and summer weekends. Cheers,

  10. Totally agree with the comment above. I highly recommend you search more information about Bai Tu Long Bay. Halong Bay spans a massive area of over 1,500 square kilometers, but it occupies only a portion of the Halong Bay World Heritage Site. The site also includes a lesser-known but equally as beautiful Bái Tử Long Bay, an area that has not yet been polluted and spoilt by tourism. It also has a lot of private beaches, caves to explore and even floating fishing village, the scenery are the same!

  11. Is Bai Tu Long Bay now really busy? Any recent experience? How many boats are you moored up with on overnight in BTL or Lan Ha Bay? Thanks for any comments

    1. Bai Tu Long is quite farer than both Halong Classic and Lan Ha Bay, Lan Ha Bay is new route and not many cruises as Halong Classic and BTL The most beautiful sencery is still Halong Bay Classic but overcrowded now. I prefer the route BTL – nice view too and less boat .

    2. I personally prefer Bai Tu Long Bay. The whole area is bigger, the view is more stunning and it is not as crowded as you might think or as they said. Lan Ha Bay is, maybe, more secluded but it would be a bit dull for me. Since Au Co Cruise is their signature in Lan Ha Bay so it’s understandable. In Bai Tu Long Bay, there are Indochina Junk (Dragon Legend) is notable in the area

    3. Bai Tu Long Bay is not as crowded as Halong Bay. I love tranquility, so I opted for Bai Tu Long. it has nice views

  12. Lan Ha Bay is less touristy, less inhabited, cleaner blue water offering a different view from different angle. However, the area is smaller than the center so that passengers may not experience the magnificence they expect. Or you can say it’s a little bit boring bay.

  13. Bai Tu Long Bay is suitable for people who like to indulge and relax in tranquil atmosphere and discover the pristine beauty of the bay. The area is not as polluted as in Halong bay’s center area. The area of this bay is very huge with a lot of interesting destinations. I went with the Dragon Legend cruise once last year, and had a wonderful sunset on the sundeck sipping my cocktails after kayaking session 🙂 it’s one of my best feeling ever!

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