Interesting Breakfast On Cai Rang Floating Market

Between the infinite water, quickly having a bowl of noodle, crab noodle or a piece of coconut leave cake with a cup of bitter coffee will be some of your unforgettable memories in Cai Rang floating market.

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Cai Rang Market

Cai Rang market is located in a branch of Hau River (Can Tho province). This is not only a trading post, a daily gathering place of the locals but also an attractive destination to tourists. In the early morning when the sun has not risen, the boats full of goods are out to the market. At the same time, boats carrying tourists come in to start their journey of discovering the West land.

Cai Rang floating market
Breakfast on floating market in the early morning

The floating market opens very early in the morning with numerous vegetables including sweet potatoes, winter melon, gourds, melons, cassavas and so on. Besides, rice, different kinds of cake are available together with a row of boats carrying fruits. Although all the activities take place on water, it’s not anymore difficult for visitors to enjoy cuisine here.

The small boats with a lot of foods and cooking equipment travel high and low, offering any groups of visitors they meet. You can enjoy anything you want by call for that boat and just sit down at one place. By doing so, you are going to enjoy a typical meal of the West river land.

Cai Rang market
Just take a seat and enjoy the wonderful taste of the South of Vietnam

There are a number of foods for you to choose but the more popular one is noodle with seasoned and sauté meat. With some noodles, some pieces of pork meat, bean sprouts and onion leaves, you’ll have a tasty meal. It is a really interesting feeling when you take the noodle to your mouth while sitting on a tottering boat when another larger boat are passing.

Crab vermicelli is also an impressive dish to tourist for the taste of shrimp paste. The vermicelli bowl is eye-catching with the red of tomato, green of onion, meat and the typical smell of shrimp paste. In addition, the spicy taste of chili makes the food more interesting to enjoy.

The box of vermicelli with grilled meat in Cai Rang floating market is simple with fresh vermicelli, grilled meat and fresh vegetable. It does not contain spring rolls or beef grilled with piper lolot. Pork meat is sliced into small pieces, marinated with some spices and grilled briefly. When customers are going to enjoy it, meat will be grilled again to be hot and put into the box. The meat is soft and fragrant.

dishes of Cai Rang floating market
Vermicelli with grilled pork is one of the locals favorites

As on the boat, it is easy for the food to be felt down when you are a bit careless, all the steps of preparing the food require the maker to be careful and skillful. The locals here are trading as if there is nothing difficult. The hot and delicious vermicelli bowl is transferred to each other in a very skillful way.

Another should not be ignored food for breakfast is porridge with pig’s tripes. The porridge bowl is not as colorful as it inland, but simple with several pieces of meat, liver, blood, some bean sprouts and sliced green onion. It receives the great honors from visitors for its taste.

Besides, meat bread is quite a common dish that you can find on these mobile food shops. Just call for the seller and you will have a crunchy and tasty meat bread.

Floating market of Cai Rang
Take a cup of Vietnamese traditional coffee and enjoy the morning

Some people have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning. It’s also easy to find here. Menu of drinks on these boats are variety with soy milk, black coffee, milk coffee, coconut water, and different types of tea.

The breakfast dishes on Cai Rang market are simple, rustic but still retain the soul of Vietnamese cuisine which has been maintained for hundreds years. You can not only be enjoying the savory taste of dishes but also experience the friendly, simple and close images of daily life that encourage you to come again.

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