Discover the breathtaking Hai Van Pass on motorbike

Comfortable feeling that you can scream among a vast space and endless water, endless sky cloud is really hard to forget. Let’s ride motorbike crossing over 30km curve of Hai Van Pass! My elegant pleasure is slightly backpack on a bit craggy mountain roads… And especially I spend a lot of love for the Central land from Hue to Hoi An. Every year, my family have at least one trip…

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Comfortable feeling that you can scream among a vast space and endless water, endless sky cloud is really hard to forget. Let’s ride motorbike crossing over 30km curve of Hai Van Pass!

My elegant pleasure is slightly backpack on a bit craggy mountain roads… And especially I spend a lot of love for the Central land from Hue to Hoi An. Every year, my family have at least one trip to there to take bath at My Khe beach, rent motorcycle to run through Hai Van pass to Lang Co Bay to play. I want to share below information for you who are going to visit Da Nang and have excitement of backpacking Hai Van pass or looking for new sensations, let try it.
Traveling to Da Nang, in addition to Ba Na hill, the ancient town of Hoi An, Cu Lao Cham, My Son Sanctuary and Son Tra peninsula … you should rent a car to explore the land of Da. Motorcycle rental price is $5/day/one Sirius type or similar vehicles (if you rent a motorcycle in 3 days and more), $6/day/one Sirius or similar vehicles (if you only rent for a day or less than 3 days).

There are two walkways through Hai Van pass. The first way is pick up a shuttle bus for you and you motorcycle to run through the tunnel to other side of the pass. This way is very fast, only take some seconds but lost all interests. When you sit on shuttle bus, the motorcycle transport fee is 25 thousand/turn, the scooter transport fee is 30 thousand/turn, the bike transport fee is 5 thousand/turn, adult passenger fee is 8 thousand/turn, children fee (5-10 years old) is 3 thousand/turn.

One of the most breathtaking turns in Hai Van pass on our way to Hue.

The second way is to self-drive your motorcycle climbing on the legendary pass of approximately 21 km from Da Nang to Hue with many impressive bends, one side is mountain, other side overlooks the sea, surrounded by greenery. In my personal opinion, if you already reach here, let launch your motorbike up to the pass. That would be unforgettable impression.

As noted above, to conquer this pass, you need a gear motorbike (Sirius, Futures …) with full of tank then let’s go. On the way, you can freely shout out, contemplate the majestic beauty of the mountain, river and sky. You are impossible not to admire the legendary pass road works which is long endlessly and passionately beautiful. You can take a rest at anywhere you like, there will be cool roadside trees and the low edge for sure the vehicles are not bolted out the valley is large enough to be able to sit or even lie to take fresh air. However, there are some key points I will review in advance for you to stop to pose on this gorgeous zigzag shape pass.

A large rocky ledge is located on edge of the road towards sea. Right on this protruding rock, there is water-drinking service and people here also prepare a rope to help you climb on the ledge. Standing on the cliff then overlooking panoramic ocean is true “number 1”. It is perfect to take commemorative pictures here.

A stone block house (a historical witness) in the pass.

Close to the top of Hai Van pass, there will have a folded-sleeve bends. Anyone comes this place also pose some photos for worth climbing the pass. This segment is quite large and installed a convex mirror, you can be creative many different styles to capture interesting photos. Coming vehicle will appear in the mirror and have sound so let feel free to take pics without any worry. I guess many of you have never tried but when looking how people shoot here, enthusiastically comment that is dangerous. Honestly, I do not see what is dangerous, because before standing to shoot, everyone also look under the bend, drivers when entering this pass segment, run very slowly. When seeing that, standing to avoid motors or cars is OK. There is no case that you are taking pictures and the cars or any other vehicles suddenly rush to you, don’t worry.

Don’t forget to take the shoots of most classic turns in Hai Van pass.

On the top of pass, there is a dividing-territory landmark between Da Nang and Hue. This place is quite wide enough to park several cars at the same time. Some water shops is rising up, you can just drink water, take rest while they can buy here. There are still some traces of a gate called Hai Van Quan, built from Tran dynasty, was rebuilt in the reign of King Minh Mang – Nguyen dynasty and there are a few bunkers (remnants of Don Nhat) built by French military in 1826 to protect this strategic pass. Anyone already up to the Pass peak, also climb this gate and bunkers to take pictures as a souvenir. At the bunkers, you are able to shoot the zigzag path of Hai Van behind the beautiful frame.

After a break, shooting, you can continue the crossing pass journey. On the way down the pass to reach the beautiful land of Hue, you will see looming railway among green holt runs winding through the pass which was built by the French. If you are lucky, you will encounter a colorful train run through, the feeling at that time is hard to describe when among the vast blue, suddenly appearing a colorful small block and moving through the forest. Nearly down to the end of Hai Van pass, you will be extremely impressed by Lang Co beach and fishing village. There are several small boats anchor here. Apart from this, you are also enjoyed the beautiful bridge connecting with Hai Van Tunnel.

Lang Co Bay appears valorously behind a fog layer.

End of pass, let painstakingly to explore a corner of Hue land. Going on a short drive away, you will see a sign of turn left to go out Lap An lagoon – with a length of about 5 – 6 km. This is a very beautiful brackish water lagoon, pure water, silhouetted against sky. Surrounding the lagoon is the path running along the mountain’s foot in a circle, meaning that you drive from the outside in, run a road then back to the outside of big road, without having to turn your head that can reach a main road . On the small and love road, you can see the boats, nets, wooden stakes, simple huts…, which are outstanding from the vast water and blue sky and the simple image of fisherman who are catching crabs and collecting snails in the lagoon.


Lap An Lagoon brings a dreamlike beauty in the sunset.

After traveling for a whole round, you should find way to Lang Co beach right near there. This is an approximately 10 km long beach, along National Highway 1A, next to Hai Van Pass and far from Bach Ma National Park about 24 km. This beach is famous for sloping beach, soft white sand, medium and large waves, suitable for swimming, scuba diving and taking rest. Especially on the beach, there are a few shops springing up, you can park, store luggage and order seafood dishes. After walking and swimming, you can sit for sipping while enjoying delicious seafood dishes which are nutritious without expensive price. I would also note that you should not go into eating shops along the highway, should find out the restaurant right at the coast, can both eat fresh seafood and enjoy the cool ocean breeze, white sand … They sell food according to plate here. For example, you call a plate of grilled shrimp for 2 people, will cost $5/ disk/10 quite big shrimp. One plate of squid steamed lemongrass is about 100 thousand dong / 10 small squid. One big plate of steamed chíp chíp is 60 thousand … If you are in Danang, you should drink Larue beer (10 thousand / can of beer), but if you already come to Hue, don’t forget to drink Huda (less than $0.5/can).

Let’s enjoy Lang Co beach after a long day of riding.

I would like to note one more thing, if you eat in Lang Co area, you will find a lot of women like girl, sister, aunt… hugging a basket or pannier to go to sell dried squid, the price is only circa $15/ kg . But please do not be eager to buy cheap, difficult to eat, chewing squid as chewing straw. I hung up the pen temporarily, see you in the next route.

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